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I am soooo bored

Walter hasn't been feeling well, so he went to bed around 8. The kids are in bed. I have checked all of my email accounts. I have stalked craigslist. I have caught up on LJ, craftster, and TtH. I finished the hem on the skirt I started a few weeks ago. I would do more, but I'm too lazy to go looking for a new bobbin, and the one I was using is no longer workable. I washed all of the dishes. I really want potato chips and a soda, but I only have a handful of change. I hate being this broke. I've been poor my entire adult life, and a good portion of my childhood, so it's nothing new, but this sucks. I went grocery shopping with the little bit of cash I had left this afternoon. $23 I was able to get enough food to get us through till Friday, except I don't know what to do about lunch for the kids. I didn't have enough for peanut butter. Also, I have no gas, and I have a database training on Thursday, and I have to get to work on Sunday. I can take the bus on Thursday, I think, since Walter is staying home with the kids, but I don't have enough bus fare for the kids on Sunday, so I have to drive. (bus fare for the three of us, to and from the church would be $16.50. The same amount spent on gas would get me through most of an average week when I'm not working)


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Aug. 5th, 2008 05:33 am (UTC)
:( That doesn't sound like fun. I'm sorry. I hope the finances pick up for you!!
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